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Walk on a Wild Reserve

It just after 8am on a beautiful Sunday in July when Kate, Thomas and baby Bastian arrived for their Day in the Life Maternity session. Getting beautiful photos was high on their priority list well with Kate being 5 months pregnant and a busy schedule ahead of them (both in the medical field), this would be the only chance before her expected due date.

It was our first session at the Bashakill Wildlife Reserve in Wurtsboro, NY which is challenging not knowing the "sweet spots" but exciting at the same time because you get to see things with a fresh eye. The location did not disappoint, the landscape offered beautiful views and a narrow deep trail that spanned around the reserve. The sun was in just the right position to get nice tones of green and orange for our backgrounds.

Kate was coming off of a few days with very little sleep because of her rigorous work & medical school schedule but it did not show at all. Bastian was a trooper and Thomas & Kate's personalities created a calm atmosphere that added to the serenity & peace that surrounded us.

Forgetting that the camera is around and keeping that connection to love & life is important with any session but especially so with maternity shoots. The bond between a mother and her child during pregnancy is a special time and we are fortunate as photographers to have the opportunity to share that with our clients.

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