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Plan a stress free wedding

We recently caught up with Katie a professional event & wedding planner with The Family Tie Project. After having a super smooth experience working together on a farm style wedding at the Long Hill Farm in Callicoon New York we had to know what her thought process was behind planning a wedding with her couples. Katie was gracious enough to share 5 tips that will help make wedding planning with your spouse less stressful.


Communicate with your partner about your wedding dreams. Talk about what you both want, how you envision the day, what’s important to starting off your married life together. Be open about budget, who is paying for what, and be realistic of what you want to spend. Start discussing who you would like to be there throughout your wedding celebrations so you can begin to shape the big day!


Bride getting ready in bridal suite at the Long Hill Farm in Callicoon New York a wedding venue located in upstate New York

It’s easy to start getting ahead of yourself when planning. When you become emotionally attached to decisions things can get off track. This is where a planner really shines as they have experience with what works and what doesn’t.