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All you need to know before you book...

  • How do I book a session?
    Simple! Complete our online contact form, so we can get a better handle on what type of session/wedding you are interested in. We'll then follow up with you to schedule a consultation by phone or video chat. If you are booking at the last minute payment must be paid in full.
  • How far in advance should I book my session?
    We recommend booking 6 months to 1 year in advance. There are always last minute cancellations so give us a shout to see if we have your date available. If booking at the last minute payment must be paid in full. If booked in advance we will require 50% retainer fee.
  • Should we meet before I book a session?
    Yes! A meet & greet is an essential part of our booking process. We want to get to know you and your family as best as we can before our session. We can set up an online video chat.
  • I'm not sure what kind of day I should plan?
    Our sessions are all about family time. As digital storytellers, we want to give your family the space and freedom to enjoy each other even if it's a day at home or on an outdoor adventure. Plan activities that will keep you engaged and in the moment with those you love most.
  • How do I prepare for an in-home day in the life session?
    Keep your home in its natural state or tidy up and declutter as much as your heart desires. Keep in mind your home is a reflection of your personality and that is what we want to capture. Our only request, because we are natural light photographers, is to open those window treatments and let the light in! Again, think of how you want to remember your family's best times at home. Dancing in the family room or baking a cake in the kitchen; do it with love and everything will fall into place.
  • Will there be breaks for longer day sessions?
    We try to keep our sessions as casual and laid back as possible. Most of our clients describe our "session feeling" as if they were catching up with old friends. That said, we don't have scheduled breaks planned, but if at anytime you need some time "off-camera" just let us know.
  • How should we dress for a session?
    There are too many styles and tips to list here, but our best advice is to dress according to the day. If we're staying home, keep it casual. If we're going outdoors, dress for the weather.
  • Can we take any traditional family portraits?
    Being that we aim more for true to life style photos we can leave time for a few traditional photographs towards the end of the session. This is something that we can discuss in our consultation to make sure we are all on the same page.
  • Can we bring our pets?
    Yes! Being pet owners ourselves, we welcome all living beings to take part in our photography sessions. Keep in mind, you may not want your pet in all the photos so having an additinoal person to keep them company off camera is helpful.
  • How does the online gallery work?
    We use a third party gallery site called Shootproof to share your digital images. We will upload your final photos and send you a password protected link for your private gallery. This is where you can download and share your images for up to 3 weeks.
  • How long does it take for our images to be ready?
    For our day in the life session, clients can expect 4-6 weeks for sorting through any proofs and image editing before we present the final proof. For our wedding and engagement sessions, clients expect 6-8 weeks.
  • Will I be able to purchase wall art products?
    At the time that you receive your gallery it will automatically be connected to your print store where you will be able to purchase prints.
  • How long does it take to receive my wall art products?
    Please allow 2-3 weeks after your reveal and order session for your products to arrive.
  • What is your rescheduling/cancellation policy?
    We will always do our best to accommodate our client's circumstances, whether it's rescheduling because of an illness or because of bad weather. If it becomes necessary to cancel a session, we will not issue a refund of your retainer, as it was used to hold your session date.
  • What happens if someone in my session or wedding get Covid or if you get Covid?
    Our hope is that if anyone presents symptoms of illness, you will follow CDC recommendations and cancel or postpone your session/wedding. We will certainly not be attending if you or one of your close family members is exhibiting symptoms! We do not feel comfortable or safe photographing your session/wedding if you are exhibiting possible symptoms of COVID-19. Similarly, if I exhibit symptoms I will find a replacement photographer to cover your event based on the agreement laid out in our contract. I have a large network of amazing photographers and we have all agreed to support and cover each other if need be.

Are you ready to book?

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