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What is Documentary Photography?

"Art is not only beautiful, art is meant to make you feel something."


Documentary photography is:








They are timeless images of your family, your wedding or any given day of your life. The goal is to document smiles, laughs and sometimes tears. There is no pressure to have the "perfect" session because we will be there to photograph authentic emotions.


Our Family sessions will not have any studio lights, no posing and very minimal intervention. For example we may move a vase over if it's getting in the way of our shot. Usually everything stays exactly where it is.

The best sessions are when our families choose to do an activity. If you need help coming up with ideas we can help with that. 

Our Engagement and Wedding sessions will be similar to our family session in the sense that we will use natural light as much as possible, very little direction. When it comes down to family/bride and groom portraits we will give as much or as little direction as you need to get the family and the newlyweds looking sharp in the photos. Keep in mind this would be the only time you would receive cues from us to help you know what to do. 

We are dedicated to telling your story as organically and honest as possible. Capturing the day exactly as it is unfolding. 

Milk Family4165.jpg

When we arrive to your session or wedding our goal is to document your day as it is-

beautiful, messy, chaotic, fun, unforgettable...

Crumbs on the floor, no problem! Unless you clean up beforehand everything will be documented as it is. What you want to show up in your photos is up to you but the beauty is in the realness.

You definitely do not have to coordinate outfits for a family session. Come as you are! We want to photograph each family member with their own style and personality. 

If you have a special family member you would like in your photos be sure to include them in your session or wedding day.  Remember to give Grandma tons of hugs to be sure she will make it to the photo gallery. 

Some of our bride and grooms may have a memento that has been in their family for generations. Just give us a heads up as a must have photo so we can be sure to document it. 

We embrace every moment regardless of the environment or weather conditions. As photographers we are able to see the perfect in the imperfect. 

Our editing style consists of balancing each image to look like it did the day of your session or wedding. It's really about small, minimal enhancements to make the moment stand out. Minor adjustments are made to the lighting and shadows but no retouching or contouring is ever done to alter the image.

We pride ourselves on keeping our photos authentic and true. We love clients who are drawn to our approach and style. If we can vibe together and see ourselves being friends for the day it will make a difference to the end result. You will feel comfortable and it will show in the images. After all, we end up spending quite a bit of time together. 

Take a moment to view our work and our editing style. If you connect or feel something while looking at our portfolio perhaps we are the photographers for you. 

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