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2017 Keys of Goshen

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

The anticipation for the unveiling of Keys of Goshen 2018 is upon us.

If you are getting antsy to see what these amazing artists created this year, you will just have to wait until June 8th, 6:45pm at Webster Park for the reveal.

Sorry Folks!

But for now you can take a little peak down memory lane with the 2017 highlight below.

Chris VanVooren painted "Music of The Universe"

Sarah Fortner-Pierson painted "Song Birds of New York"

Karen E. Gersch painted "Downie Bros. Circus Comes to Goshen!"

Helen and Julia Tighe painted "Off Tune Saloon"

Tracy Dentico  painted "The Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame Goshen Historic Track"

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